Romanov Academy of Sport Science offers Running Technique Specialist Certification. It compliments and enhances certifications in the health and fitness field. It is most popular among Physical Therapists and Sports Coaches working with ultra distance, cross country, track & field + CrossFit athletes. It is also used as an entry level credential by those just entering or planning to enter the fitness and coaching professional fields.


The Running Technique Specialist certification can be obtained by taking an online exam and achieving a passing score. No prerequisites.

In 2013, I was exposed to the Pose Method of running while serving in the US Army. Like most Soldiers, I was plagued with running injuries, zero training guidance, or a clue on how to prevent these injuries. Pose changed all of that. For the first time in my career, I had a simple standard that I could follow and learn as a skill. Since then, I have been running stronger, faster, and injury free. Moreover, it has given me the ability to help other Soldiers move and run better. Today’s Army must be able to fight and win on any terrain or battlefield. Pose provides an edge to the warfighter by addressing a critical component of lethality, movement efficiency.

Jason Johnson,
BS (Exercise Science) NSCA-CSCS, NSCA-CPT MFT-I,
ACFT-I Running Technique Specialist
US Army Master Sergeant



Romanov Academy of Sport Science provides continuing education for health and fitness professionals, CrossFit and sports coaches, and healthcare providers who have made athletic performance improvement, movement related injury prevention & effective rehabilitation their mission.

The Academy offers a comprehensive program for practitioners with different levels of education and experience.


Our multimedia courses include lectures, structured lessons, instructional and informational videos, as well as printable worksheets and recommended reading.