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Physical Therapists

Pose Method Courses meet the continued education standards for PTs and PTAs for Category I courses established by the Minnesota State Physical Therapy Board and in accordance with the Minnesota Administrative Rules for CE activities.


Continuing Professional Development Requirements

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program entails the following:

  • The licensee shall complete the Reflective Self-Assessment Tool (RSAT) once per 2-year renewal period. A licensee shall use the Board approved form.
  • The execution of a Learning Plan once per 2-year renewal period that is based upon the licensee’s Reflective Self-Assessment Tool (RSAT) or Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (AKS). A licensee shall use the Board approved form.
  • Accrual of 30 points of Professional Development Activities (PDA) per 2-year renewal period, at least 15 points must be from Category I.


Physical Therapist Assistants

Physical therapist assistants are not required to participate in continuing professional competency.


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Last Modified: 5/04/2017